What is Pellon?

We paint our murals on pellon, a synthetic canvas, that when prepared properly can be mounted to any interior or exterior smooth surface.

How is it prepared?

In order to make it weather proof it must be coated on both sides with gloss varnish.  Then it can be painted on and sealed.

How is it installed?

The mural sections can be installed on any smooth surface, interior or exterior with. For interior applications on walls we can use wallpaper paste which is semi-temporary or we can mount it on individual panels that are transportable to trade shows and other events.  For both interior and exterior applications we can use gel medium for a permanent installation.

What image do we work with?

Each mural project is different.  The image we work with is a collaboration between the artist and the client.  The image may be conceived by the team, but it is approved by the client prior to production.  I can suggest a few ideas based on an initial conversation or you can send me some images of things you like.  I can't copy anyone's artwork without permission, but I can re-create just about anything.

How much does it cost?

Costs are based on an estimated hourly rate of $100,   add to that the cost of assistants, paint and materials. Every project involves preparation, set-up and clean-up time that is in addition to the time spent with your team.  Best thing to do is call for a quote. 

Will You Travel? How far?

The majority of murals are prepared and hand-painted on small pieces no bigger than 24" x 24", in my studio in La Crescenta, CA.  Those pieces can be shipped anywhere in the world.  For projects within a 45 minute drive each way we can paint at your location for longer periods of time. For anything outside of that including air travel we design your mural project so that we would complete it at your location within a week, including installation.  Most of the work can be done in advance and together we finish it up.

What is a group mural?

Group murals are done with the group of your choosing guided by a professional artist with years of mural making experience.  Once the design of the mural is agreed on, the artist is responsible for enlarging the design which is then made ready for a large group to participate on.  From a few people at one time to over 100 we work together to create one square section of the mural.  It may be drawn in advance, It may be partially painted or it may be finalized after the painting session.  Painting sessions are usually about 2 to 3 hours each and can be done in classrooms, parking lots, parks, and even fancy hotel ballrooms,  The artist works with the participants to learn to mix colors and handle a paint brush. Dependong on the group and the length of time together we can add advance techniues like blending, shading, color theory.