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Painting by the Square

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Welcome to the ART of Roger Dolin

Welcome to the ART of Roger DolinWelcome to the ART of Roger DolinWelcome to the ART of Roger Dolin

Bringing People Together with Art


All murals here are done with group participation, one square at a time, with the help of beginners, students, and talented professionals.  Everyone is welcome to participate from your own location.

Anything is possible when you work one square foot at a time.  The end result is something astounding and unifying for all.



Everyone can participate in a guided workshop from home,  We paint murals of all sizes in individual squares that can be mailed to you and worked on at home on your desk or table.  You do not need an easle.  Each participants' work becomes part of a group mural project which will be displayed at a pre-determined location - temporarily or permanently - It's up to you

Is a Group Mural Project On Your Mind?

Create some unity, build group confidence, beautify your environment. - For all to see, all to participate - Wherever you are!

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